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According to the 2018 Census, Idaho’s population stood at 1,753,860 in 2018, which is still less than 0.5 percent of national population, yet in terms of growth, Idaho is the fastest-growing state in the U.S.

All this growth is largely concentrated in the Treasure Valley area, which attracted over half of the 37,000 people who joined Idaho State’s population last year. It is no wonder, then that demand for homes is at an all-time high, with houses often selling within a week or less of going to market.

George Iliff, managing owner of Colliers International’s Boise operation and a leader in the Treasure Valley’s commercial real estate sector, says that the region has reached a tipping point where Interest by investors is helping to both meet and accelerate that growth: “We’ve been discovered by people around the country and by the investment and development community nationally,” he says. “We’ve been in this up-cycle for some time, and it will go on into the next few years,” he predicts.

There are now 22,600 people working in construction in Boise, up from 13,400 at the bottom of the economic downturn five years ago. But with all this demand, how do you choose which builders to trust with their future home? At Megalith we believe that every project we undertake should be delivered to the highest possible standard. The home we build for you should be somewhere we’d be happy for our own families to live in. We’re building the future here in Idaho and these are exciting times, and we hope you’ll build it with us.