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There are many new buildings being constructed here in Idaho, but there is also a huge demand for making older buildings fit for purpose, and that often requires a set of specialist skills to meet the demands of each project.

One example is a project we undertook here at Megalith last year, we were tasked with renovating the buildings at Washington Square Apartments. This presented several challenges: Firstly there was severe time pressure from all sides, as current tenants were put up in motels while they waited for the work to be done, quickly racking up the project costs and inconveniencing the residents.

The Megalith crew had to work around inhabited apartments, being mindful of not causing damage to the tenants’ possessions and furnishings that were left on the premises.

Add to this the fact that we were working in the middle of a particularly harsh winter season, and it was certainly an interesting endeavour. Yet in spite of all the obstacles which this complex project threw our way, we delivered on budget and on time, and few things are as great as coming back a few months later to see how those families are living in much-improved homes. It’s what gets us out of bed at four in the morning every day!