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With the incredible boom in the residential building sector that we’re experiencing in Idaho, it’s easy to overlook the opportunities in the commercial sector. Idaho’s state population has grown by 37,000 last year alone, and Meridian is the nation’s 13th fastest-growing city. This growth fuels high levels of demand for retail, office and industrial/warehouse space.

Interest in doing business here has outpaced the availability of work space, says Gardner Co. Executive Vice President David Wali.
“A better job market leads to more competition for skilled workers and more companies coming into the area,” he says.

The interest is likely to bring much more investment in the coming months and years, which will in turn spur more construction and development as Boise, Meridian, Nampa and Caldwell try to keep pace with the demand for places to live, shop, eat and work.

Megalith is equipped to take on commercial projects as well as residential ones, so if you’re planning a project in Idaho, get in touch!